Terima kasih ya, pelayanannya sangat sangat prima. Cepat, ramah. Akhirnya ketemu juga tempat belanja yang nyaman.
• epi, Bandung
Akhirnya aku jadi juga ngorder sama si agan. Ternyata barang-barangnya ok punya lho.
• Inge, Jakarta
Makasih ya bro, barangnya udah diterima, ternyata lebih bagus dari yg diperkirakan.
• Toto, Semarang
Literally the best supplier for me to do my business. great service, affordable price,and amazing quality!
• Vierra, Bali

About Us


Almas Enterprise is an unltimate prominant Beads Center in Indonesia. 



Found in 1996 in Jakarta, Indonesia; Almas has expanded to be a one stop stopshopping center for beads and jewelries. Besides, Almas is also providing highly creative customers with other supporting materials to create jewelries from their own hands. Everyone in our team serves the product as well as the customers wholeheartedly for the best outcome of jewelries. 



Additionally, Almas has been an authorized wholesaler of Swarovski, Beadalon, NesNaz Jewelry Equipment, as well as Artistic Wire. Almas is available to be visited offline as well as online, let us help you in any way we could.



We are always here to serve our beloved customers to be their own creator.